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Festival Food Machine

Festival is the smart solution for locations needing to offer catering services 24/7, not just a vending machine but a true automatic canteen. The extreme flexibility of configuration allows the user to choose between snacks, drinks, fresh dishes, fruit and yoghurt.

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Key Features

Fresh food products from pasties, sandwiches and savoury treats

• 24/7 operation

• Fresh food products from pasties, sandwiches and savoury treats

• Refrigerated cooling system

• Store up to 20 selections

• LED illuminated front captures your eye and appeals to any visitors or employee in your business

• Built for energy efficiency

Snack & Drink

Pick the perfect menu with over 30 snack and can options

Our team delivers the complete package, from specifying the number and nature of vending machines to on-going monitoring and menu management.

Great Service

G-snack delivers on reliability & simplicity

12 months before you'll need to see an engineer. Convenience delivered - with card reader/ cashless and coin payment options. With our fully managed vending service. you choose from a wide array of the nations favourite brands.

Technical specifications


Width: 793mm

Height: 1830mm

Depth: 890mm



Power Supply

230V AC

Tilt/Turn Guidelines

2500mm / 8.2ft


We’re serious about sustainability

We know our customers care about our planet; and so do we. We're committed to working together for a brighter future. Our people are dedicated to helping our customers achieve their sustainability goals with technologies.


Sustainable solution

Our business is committed to sustainability and dedicated to helping workplaces achieve their own sustainability goals, working together for a brighter future for our planet.

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