Sustainable KLIX Momentum
Designed with the environment in mind

A truly sustainable solution

Hassle-free KLIX® technology designed with our planet in mind.

Now, with the first environmentally friendly paper cups in vending.

Completely dedicated to the workplace, and now with the new KLIX Eco Cup, we offer a truly sustainable, hassle-free vending system.

The revolutionary KLIX Eco Cup, available with many popular household drinks brands at the touch of a button from KLIX® machines. Making it even simpler for our customers to reduce their environmental impact and help maximise recyclability, whilst enjoying delicious drinks. 


Energy saving technology

We continue to be a pioneer with our range of vending machines leading the workplace drinks industry with sustainability features such as low energy modes and efficient boiler systems, heating just enough water at precisely the right temperature, avoiding any unnecessary boiling.

A business engineered around sustainability

From raw materials and packaging to machine and cup recycling, we set an enviable standard. Our ISO 14001 Environmental Management System is fundamental to rigorously addressing and continuously improving our environmental performance.

It covers our factories, our offices, the development of new products and the effect our current products have on the environment.



A revolutionary breakthrough in workplace vending

KLIX Eco Cup
We’ll help prevent plastic waste going to landfill

Working together in close collaboration with our customers helps to achieve the greatest results, and this partnership approach to sustainability provides the best sustainable workplace drinks solutions for the environment.

KLIX Eco Cup

At last, a real alternative to plastic cups

Our new KLIX Eco Cup is the sustainable cup solution consumers have been hoping for.

Designed as a perfect alternative to recycling plastic cups, it marks a breakthrough in workplace vending and a leap forward in the reduction of the 2.5 billion used cups being sent to landfill each year in the UK alone.