Our machines and services are built and designed to provide superior reliability1 and convenience for people at work so they can enjoy 24/7 vending and cafe style drinks at the press of a button.

Superior reliability and service:
We understand that managing poorly performing vending machines can feel like a full-time job. We take the hassle out of refuelling your people with reliable machines that are easy to fill, maintain and clean. Because of how we design our KLIX and FLAVIA drinks machines they require less servicing than other in-cup and single-serve vending systems1. That’s less mess and less downtime. Easier for you. 

Our drinks machines are built to last with two years between service calls1. And should any issues arise, our customer care team is there to provide answers with a simple phone call. 

No cross-contamination between drinks:
For our KLIX and FLAVIA vending machines, each drink is hygienically brewed guaranteeing no lingering flavours from one drink to the next. 
Unlike other drinks vending machines,  you'll never have to worry about your tea tasting like coffee2.

No pilferage or taking coffee pods home:

Because our KLIX and FLAVIA drinks are designed, manufactured and owned by Lavazza Professional. And our focus on the workplace gives you the guarantee that no one will take your drinks home. Giving you greater control over your stock and expenses. 
Vending management services:
We support businesses of all sizes - providing ongoing expertise and management to take the hassle out of your day. Our machines are so simple to use that we offer our customers two simple options:

1. You can let us manage all your vending needs - from cleaning, stocking, and servicing to managing the vending revenue. Whether you have 1 or 500 vending machines this managed vending service from Lavazza Professional will support your entire operation.

2. Self-service vending management - using the handy built in cleaning schedule3 you’ll know what to clean and when to clean it. In addition, restocking your machines couldn’t be simpler with the easy stacked cups and no loose ingredients (like the traditional vending machines have), and our 24/7 online shop allows you to order stock at the touch of a button when it suits you.

Ongoing maintenance and support:
Access exceptional customer service and nationwide machine maintenance from Lavazza Professional. Listening to the needs of our customers we have built a full service offering, all delivered for you by Lavazza Professional associates. With Lavazza Professional's KLIX and FLAVIA, you will have access to the following4:

Dedicated account manager - your very own expert
8 working hours rapid response - quick turnaround for technical queries
Annual maintenance call - a preventative technician call each year
System upgrades – coin mechanism, payment systems and software updates
Category management – tailoring your vending choices for you with expert menu changes
Training - with our experts when you need it


Our dependable and accurate delivery service doesn’t impact your ongoing operation. At Lavazza Professional, we take the accuracy of your delivery seriously – that’s why 98% of vending machine and drinks deliveries in 2017 were delivered on time and in full*.

We provide a complete end to end service, keeping any disruption to your operation down to a minimum, offering as standard: 

Delivery of your first drinks order with your machine
Removal of your old machine
Setup and training on your new machine

Klix Momentum Drinks Vending Machine
Lavazza Professional is your single source vending partner to suit every workplace.
Bring some of the nation's best loved brands to your workplace with our vending and office coffee machines.

It's our goal to support businesses who want to provide great working environments for their people.


1 83 weeks Mean Time Between Failure (MTBF) up to November 2018 on all machines base.
2 Our aim is to deliver 100% drinks consistency. This is based on having a fully up to date and serviced machine. 
3 KLIX has colour coded parts which relate to a colour coded cleaning schedule on the inside door of the machine. FLAVIA comes with an easy to read cleaning diagram and schedule in your machine manual. 
4 Ongoing maintenance is based on choosing our full service package.
* An average of 98% of machines and drinks deliveries to customers in 2018 were on time and in full.