October 23, 2018

Mars Ambassador Programme - Supporting Tea Farmers in Rwanda

Each year, our Mars Drinks associates have the opportunity to apply to take part in the Mars Ambassador Programme, offering them the chance to visit one of our coffee or tea projects within our supply chain.

This year, two of our UK associates, Marlon Merriman and Elena Talaiporou, have been selected to be part of a small group of ambassadors to visit tea farming communities in Rwanda. The group will spend a week learning about the journey our tea takes from plant to cup alongside the environmental and social challenges faced by those involved in the process.

As well as getting hands on with the tea production process, the group will be involved in a community volunteering project to help build a green leaf collection centre for the local smallholder farmers. On top of this, the team at Mars Drinks have been personally raising funds to purchase cows to give to poor families in the region they are visiting. This supports The Girinka Programme, a government led scheme which helps bring nutrition and a stable income for these families.