July 16, 2019

Looking for sustainably sourced drinks for your office coffee machine? Here’s everything you need to know about our Flavia Drinks:


Do you know where your drinks come from?


An office coffee machine is a fantastic way to keep your team refreshed and fuel productivity. Our range of FLAVIA drinks machines offer a fresh ground coffees, real leaf teas and bring the café to the workplace at the touch of a button! But how do you know that your drinks are looking after the environment as well as your workforce?

With this in mind, our aim is to improve farmers’ lives, encourage the use of environmentally-friendly farming practices and to buy raw materials from sustainable sources to make sure that every cup you drink is ethical as well as delicious. So just how do we achieve this?


Where do Flavia Coffees come from?

At Lavazza Professional, we pride ourselves that all of our Alterra Coffee Range comes from 100% certified sources. This means that we have full traceability of where our coffees come from and are able to trace our beans back to countries such as Brazil, Costa Rica, Kenya, Vietnam and many more! By choosing a Flavia office coffee machine, you can ensure that every bean’s origin is counted for.


A Closer Look: Working with World Coffee Research

We know that working towards sustainable ingredients needs to begin in the local communities and ensuring that our coffee comes from sustainable resources is top of mind. We have been an active member of World Coffee Research, supporting the scientific research work they conduct for the benefit of the coffee industry as a whole and the farmers within it. As part of this, we have funded a pilot farm in El Salvador researching new hybrids of coffee plants that are disease tolerant and offer better quality coffee and higher yields. In 2018, we started a new project focused on the implementation of their seed verification program which ensures the coffee trees that farmers are buying are the right trees to give the farmer the best quality coffee and are resistant to diseases that can affect the quality of their produce, such as coffee leaf rust.


Where do Flavia Teas come from?

At Lavazza Professional, we believe that office coffee machines should offer so much more than coffee, so like our Alterra Coffees, our Bright Tea Range comes from 100% sustainable sources. By carefully mapping out our supply chain, we guarantee that every cuppa can be traced back to certified sources including plantations in Kenya, India and Rwanda among others.


A Closer Look: Working with the Ethical Tea Partnership:

So with all this good work going into coffee, what do we do for tea? The team at Lavazza Professional have been working with the Ethical Tea Partnership since the start of 2015 to help tea farmers in Kenya combat climate change. Our original work was scaled up in 2017 when we partnered with the Ethical Tea Partnership, Kenya Tea Development Agency, GIZ and Taylors of Harrogate. Within the first year, this partnership helped to reduce the fuel and the energy consumption used to produce tea in 67 factories. In addition to this, in 2018 we began work in Rwanda to support local tea farming communities through the introduction of a new project, Farmer Business Schools. Participating farmers will have a better understanding as to how to manage their farm as businesses and thus earn increased incomes from tea and other key crops.


What about other Flavia Drinks?

By 2020, our aim is to ensure that 100% of our Galaxy hot chocolate comes from sustainable sources, just like our Alterra Coffees and Bright Teas. To date, a staggering 92% of ingredients are now coming from certified sources, putting us in a fantastic position to achieve this goal. And what about our delicious froth? With our Real Milk Froth being locally sourced in the UK, we ensure that your afternoon latte can do good as well as taste good!


Where are we at in our Sustainability Journey?

We know that our customers care about the planet and so do we. That’s why we’re determined to take the lead in prolonging the life of materials in the smartest ways. Read more about our journey towards sustainability here.

Would you like to try our sustainably sourced drinks for yourself? Explore our Flavia range or sign up for a free trial today to begin your taste test!