Coffee Corner - bean to up coffee machine - the real Italian coffee experience

Coffee Corner: With the return to work approaching, a recent study, which discovered that 85% of employees feel that quality coffee increases productivity and improves morale, makes compelling reading. Coffee Corner, the brand-new, premium workplace coffee offer from Lavazza Professional, is the ideal opportunity for you to provide the exceptional coffee your consumers crave.

‘This is an exciting new offering for us’, said Sales Director, Jamie Brown ‘and I’ve been very keen to add it to our portfolio. The timing is perfect: employees will soon be invited back to the workplace, be it on a full-time or a hybrid basis. Many will have missed face-to-face interaction and will look forward to quality time spent collaborating, sharing ideas, picking brains and catching up over coffee. The social workplace void will soon be filled – leading to greater employee wellbeing, engagement and productivity.’

Doubtless there will be much discussion about changing work patterns, but it’s clear that the office will endure as an important hub, a meeting place, a crucible of innovation. As an employer, you can help to inspire creativity: your best people deserve your best coffee; something that reminds them every day that the exceptional is possible.

Coffee Corner – which uses fresh milk to deliver coffee-shop quality to the office – looks the part and adds to the ambience. Its indulgent collection of syrups and treats complete the consumer experience. Coffee Corner’s furniture and finish are distinctly ‘high-end’, providing an attractive and comfortable focal point for connection and collaboration. The coffee? It exemplifies the excellence of the globally respected Lavazza name.

‘‘Let’s meet over a coffee’ is a phrase that’s become embedded in the language in recent years’, Jamie said, ‘and now, thanks to Lavazza Professional’s Coffee Corner, a coffee shop quality drink can be enjoyed in the office.’