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At Lavazza Professional, we're dedicated to keeping workplaces on the go, serving delicious tasting drinks with ultra-reliable, hassle-free tailored vending technology to suit the needs of every business. All designed and built with hygiene in mind helping to keep your people safe at work.

A passion for excellence, quality and innovation has been ingrained in Lavazza’s DNA since its foundation in 1895, and as the leading experts in hot drinks vending, we are proud to maintain this tradition and are 100% dedicated to the workplace.

Fuelling productivity, we bring high performance vending technologies to offices and factory floors in over 10,000 businesses. Partnering with some of the nation’s best loved drinks brands, we make sure choosing the perfect menu couldn’t be easier, with delicious hot and cold drinks, soups, snacks, cans, bottles and fresh water.

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A variety of machines and unrivalled range of freshly brewed and instant in-cup drinks from all the quality brands you love, all in one convenient managed package.


Pioneering Technology

We continuously innovate to offer the most reliable, high performance vending technology on the market, satisfying workplaces around the clock

Pioneering Technology. Designed for the workplace.

Machine Range

Commitment to Sustainability

Working for a brighter future for our planet, we are dedicated to leading the industry with the KLIX Eco Cup, which is recyclable into normal paper waste where recognised by your waste management provider, market leading energy efficiency and responsible sourcing of raw materials.

Sustainable options


Workplace Expertise

With a record for world-class service and reliability, our dedicated team combine unique business insight and expertise to tailor the perfect blend of technology and drinks for each customer.


Today, more than ever, we're working towards a more sustainable future. We're committed to leading the industry with sustainable vending solutions, considering the environment at every step, from the sourcing of ingredients to our factory operations. Our latest sustainable cups represent a breakthrough for the vending industry with the first recyclable paper vending cup. 

 A Our commitment towards the workplace is fundamental to the products we offer and the service we deliver. Our unique insights and specialist knowledge of drink requirements are second to none. With a focus on business partnership, world-class customer service and a nationwide team of engineers, your local expert is never far away. Lavazza Professional simply won't let you down.




About Us
Our Values
Our Values









Our Values
Our Values
Our Values









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In Cup

Our pioneering KLIX® In-Cup technology ensures consistent quality and authentic taste every time - loved by you and trusted by our brand partners.

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FLAVIA® brewers use the unique Freshpack system that brews your drink direct from pack straight into your cup. No contact, no taste transfer between drinks.

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In Pack

The delicious premium taste of freshly ground Lavazza coffee served from bean to cup, guaranteed to satisfy coffee lovers in the most demanding workplaces.

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