Best loved brands, now available in the revolutionary KLIX Eco Cup… 

A first in vending

We’re proud to introduce a vending revolution, helping to make it even simpler for our customers to reduce their environmental impact and help maximise recyclability. 

KLIX Eco Cup

Made from paper

Sourced from sustainably managed forests.

Renewable sources

Environmentally friendly


Recyclable where recognised by your waste management provider

Programme for the Endorsement of Forest Certification (PEFC) promotes sustainable forest management through independent third-party certification. Current regulation states that recycled materials cannot be used in the food contact surface of food packaging.





KLIX Momentum
Eco friendly cups
Environmentally friendly
Working Together
Increasing the recyclability of cups 
Reducing the use of plastics 
Reducing waste sent to landfill

Switching to KLIX Eco Cup can lead to

a reduction in environmental footprint of over 63%* 

Cup Vending Life Cycle Comparison

A first in vending

The KLIX Eco Cup is recyclable into normal paper waste where recognised by your waste management provider. Another leap forward in the reduction of used cups being sent to landfill.

A cup unlike any other available on the market.

The KLIX Eco Cup is different to the widely used paper cups on the market. The first cup not to use Polyethylene (PE) lining is the product of years of research and development.

Our cup is made with paper sourced from sustainably managed forests accredited by PEFC, and coated with a unique water based dispersion barrier that bypasses the need for a PE based coating used in most paper cups.

The patented technology uses a blend of natural and synthetic polymers, similar to pigment coated paper and means our cups can be recycled just like newspapers or cereal boxes in normal paper waste streams.

KLIX Eco Cup

‘One of the greatest challenges was developing a cup that met our high expectations for recyclability, reliability and also suitable for hot drinks. We are delighted that years of research and development have solved this problem with the industry’s first recyclable to paper waste cup without compromising on quality.’

A worldwide sustainable coffee leader; we are Lavazza.
Tried and tested for recyclability and reliability

Extensive testing in both laboratory and field trials over 12 months has proven KLIX Eco Cup to meet the high standards for KLIX® hot drinks performance and reliability. Our customers can be safe in the knowledge that our latest innovation simply won’t let them down.

Paper industry compliant

KLIX Eco Cup is compliant with paper recycling standards by CPI, the leading trade paper industry association.

In fact, KLIX Eco Cup can be recycled into the paper waste stream up to seven times, guaranteeing a low environmental impact.

KLIX Eco Cup
Made with biodegradable paperboard, for extra peace of mind

The combination of paperboard and water based barrier technology means that KLIX Eco Cup doesn’t harm the environment in the event it is not properly disposed of.

KLIX Eco Cup 
Moving with the public

With over half of global consumers reducing the amount of plastic they use in the past twelve months**, we know our customers and consumers care about the planet, and so do we.

We have been working hard on ways to help solve this problem in the workplace, reducing the use of plastics, reducing waste sent to landfill and how to increase the recyclability of cups.

The cup waste challenge

The plastic (PE) based lining in standard paper cups makes them difficult to be recycled.

Calls for a reduction in single-use plastic for food and drink containers increased our commitment to offering our customers and consumers a revolutionary solution.

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Sustainable workplace

We’re serious about sustainability

At Lavazza Professional, we have been making great strides forward in our mission to deliver even more sustainable drinks vending technologies. 

At work, for you

We’re passionate about making a positive difference that goes far beyond our own business and helps our customers to increase their sustainable operations.

complete sustainable solution