We’re serious about 

At Lavazza Professional, we have been making great strides forward in our mission to deliver even more sustainable drinks vending technologies.

Our business is committed to sustainability and dedicated to help workplaces achieve their own sustainability goals, working together for a brighter future for our planet.



At work, for you

We’re passionate about making a positive difference that goes far beyond our own business and helps our customers to increase their sustainable operations.

We continue to be a pioneer with a range of vending machines that lead the workplace drinks industry with features including low energy modes and efficient boiler systems, heating just enough water at precisely the right temperature.

We know our customers care about our planet and so do we

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We’re making it easier for change

Our latest developments are a continuation of our commitment to meet the needs of our customers and promote sustainability, yet we’re dedicated to making it even simpler for our customers to reduce their environmental impact.

To further help ensure a brighter future for our planet, we’ll continue our work to do more to maximise the efficiency of our operations and we’re working hard to maximise recyclability, integrating innovative technologies and developing new initiatives.

A revolutionary breakthrough in workplace vending

KLIX Eco Cup
At last, a real alternative to plastic cups

Our new KLIX Eco Cup is the sustainable cup solution consumers have been hoping for, helping prevent plastic waste going to landfill.

KLIX Eco Cup




Sustainable sourcing

We are committed to sustainable practices from sustainable agriculture ensuring our raw materials are sourced responsibly to sustainable operations that reduce the impact on people and our planet.

Reaching out to our expert coffee and tea growing communities around the world, we help to provide advice and training on more sustainable growing practices resulting in improved income and quality of life for their families.


The journey to a more sustainable future

We’re paving the way for the vending industry, leading our customers and consumers from the front on a journey towards more sustainable workplaces.

With strong discipline and a commitment to working together, we can realise a brighter future for our planet.

Taking a considered approach to each and every aspect of our sustainability programme, we’ll ensure our customers get the very best sustainable solutions with the support and guidance of our team at every step.

The KLIX Eco Cup and wider sustainability solutions, represent our desire to lead the industry. With more initiatives and products launching in the near future, we’ll continue in our sustainable journey, helping increase recyclability and reduce environmental footprint even more.

The KLIX Eco Cup is a breakthrough revolution in workplace vending. The jewel in the crown of our hassle-free system; elevated by the hard work and commitment of our teams, enhanced by our dedication to a brighter future for our planet and the many sustainability programs we have in place.

‘A world that destroys the goods of nature is one I do not belong in’.

Luigi Lavazza, 1935

Passionate about making a positive difference

‘We have always been passionate about making a positive difference that goes far beyond our own business and supports our customers on their own individual sustainability journeys.

We are therefore pioneering a breakthrough sustainable solution in the vending world. Our commitment is clear but we hope that other businesses will also increasingly play an active role, because strength is in numbers.

We encourage the big players in the market to explore similar solutions in order to boost the rate of recycling for this type of cup’.

Ashley Weller

Lavazza Professional UK Market Director

KLIX Momentum

After seeing the destruction of unsold coffee crops first-hand in South America in 1935, Luigi Lavazza was deeply moved and set his vision for doing business. Ever since, Lavazza has been focused on improving the development of the countries and people we buy coffee from.

We are committed to innovating products and processes while ensuring quality excellence in a sustainable manner.

Through various initiatives over the last 10+ years, including the Giuseppe e Pericle Lavazza NGO Foundation, we’ve been taking action to improve the economies, communities, and overall working conditions of small coffee producers throughout South and Central America, Asia, and Africa.


A worldwide sustainable coffee leader; we are Lavazza.