August 11, 2020

Lavazza Professional New Bank Details 2020


In order to maintain the most efficient operation for our customers, we’ve recently made some changes to our banking services.


What is changing?

Please note that from Monday 17th August our bank, sort code and account number will be changing alongside our IBAN and BIC numbers. Details of these changes will also be found on your next invoice.


Is anything else changing?

Aside from the details above, the way you're invoiced will and details such as our registered address will not change.


What should I do next?

If you have not done so, please ensure that your Accounts Payable team are aware so that they can update the details that they hold for us. We’ll of course make sure that you’re reminded of the change on your next invoice.


I've received a letter or invoice detailing these changes, can I confirm that this is genuine?

You may recently have received a letter or invoice to notify you of these changes from us. Please note that this letter and the details inside are genuine and the account number should end "755". However should you wish to discuss these with a member of the team, please contact your Account Manager or our Customer Services Team and we'd be happy to assist.


I have a different question, who can I discuss this with?

Should you have any further queries our friendly customer services team are on hand to help. To get in touch, please email or call 0800 0323 444 and we'd be happy to assist.