March 26, 2019

How To Select The Right Hot Drinks Vending Machine for Your Business

Choosing The Right Hot Drinks Vending Machine

The great thing about hot drinks vending machines is that they give you a simple way to deliver instant hot drinks that will satisfy the varied tastes of your team.

You can enjoy a full range of famous brand name drinks, coffee, specialities, teas, hot chocolate, and great tasting soups, all at a push of a button.

All our machines are quick and easy to use and hassle free.

However, how do you know which vending machine best meets your workplace needs and will be guaranteed to keep your team happy?

Choosing The Right Hot Drinks Vending Machine

1. Space & Team Size

The first thing you’ll need to determine is the size of the actual space you have available for your hot drinks vending machine and the drink capacity you’ll need to avoid having to refill it too often.

If your free space is limited to a small corner on the kitchenette counter, then you will need something compact and hassle free.

The KLIX 450 in-cup hot and cold drinks vending machine may well be your perfect choice. Small enough to be mountable on a counter top, it’ll be able to offer your team up to 8 different drinks choices with a 450 cup capacity.

If space isn't an issue and you want your team to have all the options available with enough capacity to keep even the most demanding team happy, then the KLIX Momentum (in-cup hot and cold drinks vending machine) could well be the ideal vending machine for your business needs.

With the option of up to 16 different drinks choices including cold drinks, there’s something for everyone. The KLIX Momentum comes with a massive 1248 cup capacity, you won’t be dashing to refill it on a too regular basis.

2. In-Cup Technology

You might not be sure why you would or wouldn’t want this. However, if you don’t like drinking tea with your coffee, or tomato soup with your latte read on…

Other vending machine technologies share the plumbing, that means you get a little drop of whatever the person had before you.

In-Cup technology means you only get what you asked for, the ingredients are all contained within the cup. No risk of getting a cup of Jasmin tea with essence of Bovril Soup.

Both the KLIX 450 and the KLIX Momentum come with in-cup technology, guaranteeing you’ll only ever get the great taste of the drink you ordered, regardless of what the person before you selected.

3. Maintenance

Introducing a hot drinks vending machine into your business really can help to make your teams’ work environment better. However, it’s only going to work for you if it doesn’t add to your work load.

Make sure you look at the vending machines maintenance requirements. Have a look at how often a machine requires an engineer visit – it will give you an indication how reliable the machine is.

Also, have a look at which maintenance packages are available. Maintenance packages cover you in case of emergency. Some can cover you immediately, others give you technical support within 24 hours, etc.

Our machines run for over a year between services, we offer complete hassle free vending solution with first class support services that ensure the peace of mind that your vending machine will always be available delivering beverages that your team will love.