February 20, 2019

A Cup of Soup - What A Soup-er Tradition!


At Lavazza Professional, we know that nothing beats a hot cup of soup in the winter months. The perfect comfort food, humans have been enjoying a warming soup for centuries. But did you know that some experts now believe we’ve been drinking soup for over 25,000 years?¹ Should these dates be correct, it would mean that soup is older than our relationship with man’s best friend!²

Many believe the invention of soup would have coincided with the creation of waterproof clay containers 5,000 thousand years ago. However archaeologist John Speth believes that boiling was a vital part of our ancestor’s diet which helped them to prevent protein poisoning and therefore must date back much further.

So how would our ancestors have got themselves a cup of soup? After hunting down their next meal, our ancestors would have needed to render the fat from the bones of their catch. To do this, they could have used vessels made of bark or animal skin to boil up a broth. Instead of heating with fire, they would have used hot rocks to bring to the boil. Speth believes that they likely would have drank the leftover broth, creating the first soup.

Luckily for us in the modern day we’ve come a long way since then, you can put down your hunting gear and get your next cup of soup in 17 seconds!³ Bring your taste buds into the 21st century with a hot cup of soup from a KLIX vending machine.

At Lavazza Professional, we know that there is so much more to your vending machine than coffee and tea, so why let coffee and tea have all the fun? Our KLIX machines offer a delicious range of soups and are a must-have on any drinks menu. Though our ancestors’ preferred a meatier broth, our vending machines have a cup of soup to suit every taste.


  Our rich tomato soup is the perfect winter warmer with tasty herbs and crunchy croutons.
A hearty, beefy drink –  the ideal warming savoury snack between meals
  A rich and creamy vegetable soup with deliciously crunchy croutons to ward of the cold
A real classic – thick and creamy chicken soup, perfect for those cold days!  

Want to find out which soup is your favourite? Why not book your very own tasting session with your local expert today?




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¹ Read more about the history of soup here

² Read more here

³ Average Mars Drinks tested vend time for all KLIX machines in 2017 is 17 seconds

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