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Bring the power of herbal to your workplace!

Supercharge your team with our new FLAVIA® Health and Wellbeing Infusions! Two new delicious infusions of natural herbs and floral flavours - revitalizing and full of goodness!

bright tea immunity


Support your immune system

Enjoy the revitalizing flavours of lemon and peach with our IMMUNITY infusion. A unique blend of lemongrass, rose hips and hibiscus flowers with hints of orange peel, chicory root and goji berries. Refreshingly citrusy, one drink provides 15% of your recommended daily allowance of Vitamin C.

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bright tea smart 


Powers your brain 

A deliciously balanced blend of lemongrass and white hibiscus flowers, immerse yourself in the aromas of warming spices with our new SMART infusion. With flavours of rosemary and turmeric, one drink provides 15% of your recommended daily allowance of Zinc and is finished with hints of ginkgo leaves and ginseng.

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Treat your teams’ taste buds

Did you know that 85% of HR professionals rank wellness as a top company initiative?*

Why not bring the power of herbal to your workplace today?

A real crowd-pleaser

Did you know that a whopping 80% of tea brands are seeing growth in teas supporting health and wellness?**

The demand for a healthier brew is on the rise, with speciality tea sales up 50% since 2012!***

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* Colliers International How Does Your Workplace Make You Feel? 2016 & Working Well: A Global Survey of Workforce Wellbeing Strategies, October 2016=